Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Dan Andersen

Beefy, but not particularly charismatic or gifted as a screen fighter, Dan Andersen failed to make much of an impression on audiences in his 2001 action debut, Extreme Honor.

In what seems to be his one and only role to date (according to the IMDb) Andersen plays ex-Navy Seal John Kennedy Brascoe. Apparently he's the best of the best, but does little over the course of 85 minutes to convince us he deserves such an accolade.

Distributors apparently had no confidence in Andersen when it came time to release the film. His face and name are nowhere to be seen on the cover art for the DVD, instead it was falsely marketed as a star vehicle for Olivier Gruner. It was even retitled The Last Line of Defence 2 in the UK, making it an in name only sequel to Gruner’s sci-fi flick Interceptor Force.

A major problem with the movie is definitely its story, in which Brascoe robs a wealthy villain to save his son from Leukemia. It does its best to avoid genre cliches, but the heist plot is so weakly executed that it fails to satisfy as either action movie or thriller.

There's also a major lack of action in this supposed action movie! But director Steven Rush does almost succeed in distracting you from this shortcoming, as well as those of his lead, with an amazing supporting cast. There are appearances from Martin Kove, Michael Madsen, Michael Ironside, Charles Napier and Antonio Fargas.

Extreme Honor is at best a mildly diverting curiosity, Andersen seems like a nice guy but clearly not cut out to play an action hero.

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